DUE Beauty Cream for Women - 30 gm

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Product details of DUE Beauty Cream for Women - 30 gm

  • Product Type: Beauty Cream
  • Capacity: 30gm
  • Gender: Women
  • For Natural whitening skin
  • Visible effect in 7 day

DUE Beauty Cream for Women


One of the most effective steps in any skincare routine is a night cream. It has been proven that skin absorbs ingredients and regenerates best at night while you sleep, so a good night cream designed to meet your skin's most pressing concerns is exactly what you need to wake up with the skin of your dreams. This nourishing night cream is the perfect formula to nourish your skin. The soothing cream is filled with skin hydrating ingredients that are infused from jojoba, aloe, cucumber, and Shea butter. Massage a small amount of cream over the face and neck. This nutrient-rich re-hydrating cream works overnight to help improve skin's radiance and firmness. Containing Retinal (vitamin A), peptide, and monk's pepper, this powerful deeply hydrates and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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