Land in Purbachal

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TK 1,300,000

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Ads Details TK 1,300,000


1. Naturally Highland (Red soil).
2. There will be space for common facilities like-playfield, school, collage,university, mosque, khacha bazar, shopping complex, Hospital, Clinic, Community Centre etc.
3. Our City is planned with a team of world class urban planner having long experience of working in developed countries.
4. This new community features of navana highland is an innovative "urban village" design, ensuring places to live, work and play are all just minutes away.

5. Different sizes of the plot.
6. Road Network is demarcated.
7. Installment payment schedule as per the requirement of the client.

TK 5800000 TK 5,900,000 -917 %
TK 5200000 TK 5,200,000