LED Mosquito Killer Lamp - White

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Product details of LED Mosquito Killer Lamp - White

  • Lighting: 220v
  • More energy-efficient.
  • Safe and durable to use 
  • With Anti-Mosquito Electric Insect Killer
  • Standard Birdcage Shape Light
  • Made of high-quality material
  • International standard lamp holder
  • Strong electrical conductivity

LED Mosquito Killer Lamp

LED Mosquito Killer Lamp made of high-quality material, safe and durable to use. International standard lamp holder, strong electrical conductivity, wild applicability. with longer life and more energy-efficient. 180-degree ultra wide illumination angle. energy saving and environmental protection. You can use for Baby's room, Bedroom, Study, Office etc. It is mosquito Repellent, Night Light, and Desk Decor. Photocatalytic inhaled mosquito killer is the use of integrated technology of mosquito trap light, air, and wind instruments.

Specifications of LED Mosquito Killer Lamp - White

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LED Mosquito Killer Lamp - White

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