Push to Exit Buttons - Silver

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Product details of Push to Exit Buttons - Silver

  • Regular wall-mount push to exit buttons
  • Motion sensors to trigger the door to unlock
  • Mounted next to door
  • Momentarily pressing the button releases door for 30 seconds

Push to Exit Buttons

Either one of the push-to-exit or motions sensor can be used for securing doors that can't be unlocked with a regular lock or deadbolt. That means we are talking about locks which are locked permanently and you can only get out if you trigger the exit sensor or push to exit button. You have seen this on the inside of many offices because the push to exit button is mostly illuminated so people find it in emergency cases. Motion sensors can take over the job of push to exit buttons. They are mounted right over the door at the inside of the door frame. Due to their motion sensor they can trigger motion and thus unlock the door right when you walk up to the door to exit the space.

Specifications of Push to Exit Buttons - Silver

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Push to Exit Buttons - Silver

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