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Suprema X-Station is an evolution of access control card reader. In its ultra slim and sleek design, X-Station features a variety of functions including RF card and PIN authentication, TCP/IP interface and comprehensive time and attendance features. With a 3.5 inch touchscreen LCD and intuitive GUI, X-Station provides exceptional usability for both users and system administrators. Featuring face detection technology with a built-in camera, X-Station can record up to 5,000 face image logs for extra level of security and attendance records.

3.5 inch Touchscreen LCD
Face Detection Technology with Built-in Camera
Time and Attendance Hot Keys
TCP/IP Network Interface


3.5-inch Touchscreen LCD

Intuitively designed GUI to provide enhanced usability for users and administrators

Face Detection Technology with Built-in Camera

Features face detection technology to record face image logs to prevent buddy punching.

Time and Attendance Hot Keys

4 separate configurable function keys for T&A events like in/out and duty in/out events to offer quick and easy attendance check

Powerful 667 MHz Processor

667 MHz processor to allow fast and seamless device operation and processing

TCP/IP Network Interfaces

IP-based system topology to provide extra flexibility in system design and reduce cost on installation and maintenance

Intelligence at Doors

Internal CPU and various interfaces to provide both access reader and controller functionalities in a single device.